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Relish: A Love Story

The Police are baffled. They may have a murder on their hands, but, so far, no body. Did she commit the crime? Was she a victim of the crime? Is there some small detail they are over looking?

Based on the sort story "Two Bottles of Relish" by Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, also known as Lord Dunsany, tells the story of a missing lady, a worker in a bank. Her boyfriend falls under the suspicion of some of the police, but nothing has developed that would tie him into supposed cruel story.

One detective, Lt. Tom Sanders, contacts his friend, Arthur Linley, a noted writer, to see what he thinks. Linley points the police in the direction they should follow.

Starring Jody Hulsey as Lt. Tom Sanders and Todd Reynolds as Arthur Linley, Relish: A Love Story is a nice, short take on a detective mystery with a twisted ending.

"That ending," director Keenan Powell explained, "is straight out of the story. I've had people tell me they were not ready for that ending."

Keenan Powell, the director, first read the story in high school. It made such a strong impression on him that nearly 40 years later, when thinking about what film he could make, as his first dramtic film, Keenan could still recall the major points of the story, "Two Bottles of Relish."

"I didn't have a copy of the story. I couldn't find a copy of the story. A friend of mine helped me find a copy after the movie was released. There were a lot of things I changed, more than I knew. But that's okay. Although I still think that a great full length feature film could be made out of the story, I knew I wouldn't be able to film a full length feature film myself. I wrote a short film that I knew I could handle."

The Cast:
Todd Reynolds as Arthur Linley
Jody Hulsey as Lt. Tom Sanders
Lauren Brown Calhoun as Lt. Michelle Brown
Adam Pryor as Thaddeus Burton Anderson.

Written, produced and directed by Keenan Powell.
Ably assissted by Liz (Metcalf) Young

Running time: 16:59
Releasing company, copyright holder: South Cicero Media

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